Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Turn Round When Possible

TURN AROUND WHEN POSSIBLE Ten weeks ago we were living a very different lifestyle. Both working in very good jobs and home owners (having spent three years renovating our "chalet" bungalow)with two cats and a mortgage. Skip ten weeks and we find ourselves in our campervan on day three of our big adventure on a wet Tuesday afternoon starting this blog. Our lifestyle change was triggered by sudden redundancy which when revalued opened up a brand new road to heaven or hell depending on Mavis aka the lady in the sat nag. So we packed up the bungalow with the help of friends and family who came to our rescue when we ran out of storeage space. Some did well with TV / BBQ / pictures etc while others had the dubious life size Indonesian warriors which we hope will not end up as firewood on a cold winter evening. Max and Watson (our two cats)decided to live next door - well they did spend most of their time dining out there on succulent freshly cooked chicken dishes when they tired of Whiskers Tin Dins. We are adjusting to our "new standard of living" and although the alarm clock no longer rings (we did not bring it as we have no bed side cabinets to put it on)the noise of selfish early morning campers on the move never fails to wake us. As the pressure of time sheets and targets are out the window we are enjoying new freedoms - because we can. So stay tuned and watch this space. Final thought for today - although our new life style is meant to be pressure free Maggs has already found the local village hall is holding a ballroom dance lesson this evening and has already booked us in. Cha cha cha for now.

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  1. Hey! Found you. Hope the dancing was fun: enjoy the bodyboarding.