Sunday, 15 September 2013

Turn AroundWhen Possible 4

So we exited Skeggy (Maggs said about time)and travelled on to York without incident and arrived on a nice campsite 7 miles out of York. Oddly though we had to drive 10 miles to the park and ride which was still 7 miles from the city. We still experienced some prejudice against Big Al. The park and ride was under redevelopment and detoured us to a temporary park and ride only to find that the barrier was set at 6.6 (Big Al being a healthy 9.0) so we drove into York only to find further restrictions until we crept into the train station car park. We did the tourist things and visited many of the special attractions (too many to list) but most memorable being the climb of 272 steps up York Minster (the view was well worth it) even though there were no passing bays to overtake the slower unfit foreign tourists. Information overload from the guides when we descended so we made our way to the York Chocolate Story where we got too make our own chocolate lollipops. Maggs' culinary experience clearly overshadowed my gluttony skills as her lolly came out looking and tasting great. I however simply added every extra I could cram onto the surface not realising that a chocolate lolly with polo mints and wine gums and liquorice allsorts wasn't going to make it to the next round. On a rare wet day we took refuge at a lovely spa /indoor water park with Jacuzzi (alas no "Jack" - to be found) so I amused myself riding the 3 water flumes while Maggs clocked up 50 lengths before a good sauna and steam room experience. No need for a shower for a few days after all that hydro therapy. On a rare tv indulgence we caught a glimpse of "3 in a bed" which was filmed in Knaresborough which we discovered was nearby. It looked good so we asked Mavis to take us there. We visited Mother Shipton's cave and a petrifying waterfall / well renowned for its properties of turning anything immersed to stone. Maggs suggested it was time I took another shower but I did not have my scrunchie with me. We also visited Brimham Rocks which is a fascinating rock formation. Anyone can climb all over the rocks which must be a real nightmare for health and safety bods. Also heard about a cycle route in Pickering but when we got there we realised it was an advanced BMX track - far to tough for us so we had to sheepishly dismount and exit on foot and go in search of a pub. We took a ride down a long country lane (through a swarm of horrible itchy black flies) and after 5 miles came across a lovely village only to find that the pub had been closed down weeks ago. So a very dry ride back to Pickering through the flies again. We also took a drive across the moors to Whitby (famous for the original setting in Bram Stokers' Dracula)but did not see any vampires. However I am wondering if the plague of black flies has anything to do with my sudden allergy to garlic, silver crosses, daylight and no refection in the shaving mirror and my craving for blue steak ! After this time on the road we have observed some familiar characteristic of fellow campers :- Over use of spirit levels and yellow blocks to align to the horizon Turning awnings into a "Grand Design" feature The dress code for the early morning visit to the toilet / shower consisting of crocks / dressingown and the obligatory swinging of a supermarket carrier bag The alfresco cooking of bacon whilst wearing only shorts(women included) to the annoyance of health and safety bods The male of the species being sent out to fetch and carry the water, empty the toilet cassette and make infantile continual adjustments to the guide ropes and anything mechanical whilst the female of the species barks the orders with her duster in her hands I am sure there will be more observations as we continue our trip up North. TTFN Barry and Maggs