Thursday, 15 August 2013

Turn Around When Possible 3

We stayed in Woolacombe for 17 gloriously sunny days (no need for fake bake) and were invaded by visitors who obviously missed us already or who were just trying to gatecrash our sunshine Steve, Roz, Jess, Elly, Kev, Sarah, John, Jan, Martin and Sue. Far too many to sit in our van. Just how Martin managed to leave his underpants behind will stay a closely garded secret but he was obviously trying to oudo Kevin who had previously managed to leave his shirt behind. We had fun on the beach but alas no tsunamis to help us bodyboard. Great fun gatecrashing Kev, Sarah, John and Jan's posh hotel. We took a trip to Lundy Island and saw lots of twittering going on but we did not see any seals or dolphins. Took long cliff top walk from Lee to Woolacombe (because we can) and thought we saw a couple walking 2 sheep but when we got closer it was 2 enormous white dogs and this was before we reached the pub - must have been sunstroke. But all good things must come to an end and it was time to move on to Wareham. However the visitors found us again and we were checked out by Mike and Spencer (showing off their new motot bikes) followed by Jake, Caroline, Dawson and Miley (who came to give Maggs a much needed grandchildren fix). Then Kevin and Sarah popped in following Jen's graduation and last but not least Steve, Roz, Jess and Elly came again. We had so many visitors to check in that reception must have thought we were running a crack house but the only substances being abused was our supply of tea and coffee. We visited Swaneage carnival (actually a couple of tractors and a milkfloat) but the Red Arrows show afterwards was truly spectacular and saved the day. We then moved on to Little Baddow and stayed with posh friends Brian and Marleen in their posh house (a brief break from the van). Maggs and Marleen conspired and suddenly we were special guests at their dancing lesson in their village hall. I did not expect to see my dancing shoes again so soon. We then played pitch pitch pitch and put put put (well that's how I play) and afterwards took in the view where Constable knocked off a couple of watercolours but they were too big to fit in the van. As we were saying goodbye Marleen named the van " Big Al" (standing for alternative lifestyle). Our next destination was Cromer but on way Big Al got trapped in a height restricted barrier car park while we were in a pub. Some petty officiado must have seen Big Al resting quietly in the corner and slipped the barrier across. Well we couldn't have that so following some nifty reversing and pavement mounting Big All slid in front of the shops and around the barrier into freedom to the amazement of a few shoppers. Cromer was lovely and so was the crab we were enjoying the first evening in a local restaurant we walked / hiked to across fields. We were so enjoying the meal and the company of a couple we met (Steve and Sue) that we had not noticed the sun had gone down and it was dark. As usual we were unprepared for the return journey across the fields as we did not have a torch and Steve and Sue kindly drove us back to site and stayed for a drink or 3. We also met our new campsite neighbour Lloyd and had fun helping him manouver his caravan into an almost impossible position next to our pitch. We continued our fitness regime and climbed 172 steps of Cromer church tower. Unfortunately the Cromer crab was seeking revenge on Maggs and she had to break her record of the 100 yards dash to the loo several times - all successfully I hasten to add. We later took a ride to Norwich and took a boat trip out on the Broads. Cromer was really nice. Next stop was Skegness. I am sure it is nice but the kiss-me-quick hats and candy floss was not really our scene. Reg (Steve's dad) happened to be in Skeggy so we met up for a drink. We cycled out to Gibraltar Point (another Twitter destination)and took in the quiet unspoilt landscape. However I must confess the lure of the funfair got to me when I saw a "human catapult" ride which shot victims over 100 feet in the air at the speed of 100 mph in 1.5 seconds. They called it a reverse bungi. Maggs refused to parcipate and the ride would only take 2 (no singles) so I desperately tried to pursuade lots of "macho men" to go on with me but to no avail. Suddenly a young girl said "yes" leaving her chicken boyfriend behind and we were away. Awsome. Not much more to say about Skeggy so will sign off now.