Thursday, 11 July 2013

Turn Around When Possible 2

Fast forward 9 days and we have left Tiverton having asked Mavis (you remember her AKA the satnag lady) to take us to Woolacombe via Arlington Court National Trust. We had a great day exploring the gardens and the special carriage museum although the high spot for Maggs was copping a view of the sheep shearers in action. On way out we asked Mavis to take us on to Woolacombe but it seems Mavis was intending to have some fun and took us up some very narrow cart tracks. Our van (yet to be named)was obviously out of place judging by the startled looks of people in their gardens cussing and shaking their heads as we travelled by. If the blackberries were in season we could have picked from both sides of the cab as we continued to play Mavis' game of Chicken Run country style. When we arrived on site we had to pluck the hedgerow from the wing mirrors but it was all worth it when we pitched up with a glorious sea view. The only down side is we are precisley 305 steps from the shower block.* We are learning to "live the van" adjusting to new inner space and the upside is we have a magnificent "garden" to watch the sunset over the bay - because we can. The bikes are getting a lot of use again. Last week is was on the canal towpath. Now we are transcending hills and valleys and making use of all 21 gears and a lot of lubrication cream. We are still amateurs as "older people" ask us if we are "ok" as they whizz past us going up the hills - it wont be long before we are them! At the moment it still feels as if we are on holiday as we are only in to our second week. The good weather and the novelty of freedom from work is our new pay day. We are getting savvy with our flasks and packed lunch enjoying the freedom - because we can. However a sudden jolt back to our old ways as family and friends are checking up on us this weekend (hope they bring some red cross parcels) which means that Maggs will be sprucing up the van (with no name) and I expect I will have to get the mower out and cut a few fields to keep it tidy. *Just found another downside with all this damn grass to cut. Chop chop for now Barry and Maggs

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